Big frying pans and woks

Giant cast iron frying pans with the diameter of 600 and850 mmare widely used at places where they are especially important to quality and serving of dishes: In restaurants, at presentations, during holidays.

Cast iron is ideal for roasting meat and vegetables – no other frying pan will give such crispy crust. Due to the fact that cast iron is perfectly accumulating and maintaining heat and food stays hot in it for a long time, big frying pans are often used in buffets for spectacular presentation of ready-made dishes.

Frying pans divided into multiple sections or with removable food storage containers and separators allow multiple dishes to be placed in them simultaneously. A beech handle may be attached to the frying pan to advance its design.

Cast iron frying pans are compatible with gas and electric equipment and can be ideally combined with «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» gas and electric stool stoves product line.