Convection steamers

пароконвектомат газовый

There are a lot of factors of success of a professional kitchen, but we offer one of the most important solutions. This solution is Convection Steamer. Today, every kitchen that claims to be professional cannot operate without this apparatus.

Convection Steamer can replace several types of technological equipment — stove, cabinet and conventional oven, convection furnace and tilting pan, steamer and deep fryer, etc. This is really really an "orchestra of furnaces". You need to know that this product is a necessary attribute of any professional kitchen that plays the role of the first chef assistant.

Acquisition of the convection steamer will greatly facilitate the work of the chef and will make your kitchen truly professional. 

The distinctive feature of convection steamers is the ability to conserve virtually all nutrients in cooked products. You may have a small café with one convection steamer or without it, or a restaurant with a pair of good imported machines. Your customers may be true gourmets, or simple workers.

Regardless of these factors, you can use an effective solution that will help you serve your customers delicious and healthy food, and the main thing is that it will be quick and profitable!

Convection steamer provides people who are professionally involved in cooking with a unique opportunity to spend time on truly important things.