Gas Grills

 Gas Lava Grills
газовый лавовый гриль


Lava grills are perfect for cooking steaks, beefsteaks, vegetables and much more. The meat gets a crispy crust, roasts evenly, while preserving juiciness and perfect taste. 

Powerful gas burners heat up lava rocks. Drops of fat, when hitting the hot rocks, form light smoke that gives the meat a unique taste. By adding a few wood chips onto the rocks, you'll get a product with a fine cured flavor. A special V-shaped stainless steel grill grid holds down excess fat produced during roasting.

Lava stones conserve heat for a long time, which makes it possible to cook a large number of dishes.


 Classic Gas Grills

Газовый гриль 

The main virtue of classic gas grills is rapid heating of the working surface, which significantly shortens the cooking time.
 The Iron Cast Grill Grid, which conserves heat for a long time and forms a distinctive "brand" pattern on the meat surface, plays an important role in obtaining consistent excellent results. In addition, cast iron possesses perfect antiadhesive properties.


 Gas Vapour Grills

Газовый вапо-гриль 

The distinctive feature of water grills is a pallet of water underneath. Evaporating water creates "water bath" effect, due to which the products not only roast evenly, but also acquire extraordinary juiciness and softness. The use of water also significantly reduces formation of smoke and fumes. Cast iron antiadhesive grill grids are used for good quality frying and burn texturized pattern on meat.

Combined Grills

In addition to the standard grills we offer combined gas grills, which include both the classic and lava components, as well as the area for cooking with skewers. These grills are are multifunctional equipment for grilling, shish kebab, barbecue, etc.
 Depending on your needs, you can select the grill configuration you want, with a required number of classic and lava zones and correct set of grill grids
                                  Combined Grills


By installing the grill on a mobile rack with a gas cylinder you will be independent from centralized gas line. 
 In addition, the mobile grill offers a lot of opportunities for participation in outdoor parties and catering. A grill operating in front of the public will bring a lot of pleasure to the audience, make their mouths wet and awaken a desire to try the dish.

More Opportunities

To optimize your work space and save money, you can use our
unique offer. We will produce a PRG series gas cooker with a built-in classic or lava grill for you.

Installation of this hardware will allow you to:
Significantly increase the range of dishes; organize the workspace in the most favourable manner; Reduce the number of gas connections; Use only one ventilation hood.