Industrial Gas Cookers

 Closed Flame

Газовая промышленная плита

«Vulkan-Heidebrenner» gas cookers with closed flame make it easy to move the dishes freely because the cast iron decks are built into the cooker surface forming a uniform table. Under each cast iron decking there is a powerful 10.2 kW burner which provides fast heating of the cooker. The cast iron decking, as an excellent power accumulator, saves energy resources and makes dishes ready through slow cooling. The thickness of the cast iron decking, which is13 mm, protects it from cracking when water accidentally hits its work surface. Uniform surface of the cookers allows for cooking multiple dishes at the same time. Gas cookers with closed flame provide an opportunity to quickly change heating intensity by simply moving the dishes along the cooker surface. The dimensions of each cast iron decking are 430 x 780 mm^2. In addition, flames of the burners, which are completely covered by the cast iron deck, are an unmatched advantage for safety of «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» professional cookers.

 Open Flame

Промышленная газовая плита 

 The main advantage of gas cookers with open flame is the ability to instantly adjust the temperature with a simple turn of the knob. Powerful double core burners of the cookers significantly reduce cooking time. The gas burners for these cookers are made of brass, which provides high resistance to corrosion, mechanical impacts and temperature differentials. In addition, brass has better conductivity than cast iron and looks more aesthetically pleasing. The design of the cooker provides the ability of putting out the main burner, leaving only the flame igniter burning (stand-by mode), and resuming the work at any time by rotating the knob. Massive cast iron 430 x 430 mm^2 grids of our cookers of allow for the steady placement of dishes with the diameter from 12 to50 cmwithout using additional fittings.



Плита ресторанная газовая

Combined models of industrial gas cookers unite advantages of cookers with closed and open flame and considerably save space, which is important for most catering organizations. When you order combined models of «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» cookers, you can choose the most convenient for you arrangement of the burners.

Плита ресторанная газовая 

The island models of the «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» cookers are installed in such a way that the work area can be approached from any side. This makes more than one chef to cook simultaneously without interfering with each other. The cooker becomes not only a functional, but also a geometric center of the kitchen.

With island placement of all kitchen work areas of cookers, washing stations and cutting surfaces the distance between the «operational triangle» vertices are reduced and, which significantly saves time.

«Vulkan-Heidebrenner» manufacturing company produces different modifications of professional gas cookers. «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» industrial gas cookers are designed for catering facilities, kitchens of large and small restaurants and cafes, canteens of pre-school and school facilities, sanatoriums and hospitals. The main advantage of the gas cookers is considerable savings in money, as today gas is the cheapest source of energy.

 «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» gas cookers are equipped with piezo ignition systems for all burners and safety systems protecting from gas leakage (gas control).

Large control knobs of the taps have a safety valve protecting from breakage of the tap (and thus leakage of gas): when the gas valve is overloaded, a fuse goes off to avoid breakage of the tap and leakage of gas.

Massive cast iron burners securely hold and allow for safe passage of heavy dishes throughout the surface, while the most powerful gas burner help to cook large amounts of food at minimal time.

Our series contains 2, 4, 6, 8 or even 10 burner models with one or two cabinet ovens or without them.

The edges of the protruding interior elements are processed in a special way, which protects the hands against cuts and scratches during operation.

It is possible to set up natural gas cooker to be powered by urban gas line or by liquefied gas from cylinders.

It is possible to extend functionality of «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» professional cookers by replacing one of the open burners with a brazier (shish kebab barbecue) with lava stone or a lava grill.

The hidden fasteners on the casing provide a more aesthetic appearance.

If you have narrow doors in your kitchen, you can carry the cooker through a standard80 cmdoorway just by unscrewing the adjustable legs.

We care about our customers' comfort and security!