Teppanyaki cookers (oriental cuisine)

"Teppanyaki" in Japanese means "fried on a steel plate". The word "Teppan" also refers to the process frying. At the beginning of the 18th century, the emigrants from Japan brought their traditional cuisine to America, including Teppan cuisine. 
           Плита Теппан-Яки

In modern Japanese restaurants, the chef is standing in the hall next to the teppanyaki hot plate near the dinning people. Pieces of meat, vegetables or seafood are cooked in front of the visitors, and the ready-to-eat meals are immediately placed into the dishes and served hot.

Frying surface of «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» gas teppan has a mirror chrome coating protecting the products from burning during frying. The chrome-coated surface is highly resistant to scratches and knife stabs.

In the absence of guests, «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» gas teppanyaki is maintained in working condition with minimal heating, right before cooking it is heated to the maximum temperature and then the temperature can be flexibly adjusted during cooking.

Depending on the model, «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» gas teppanyaki may have from one to three heating zones. The temperature of each zone is regulated independently. Wide range of operating temperatures enables chefs to cook several dishes at the same time.


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