Braziers (shish kebab barbecue)

Delicious barbecue and much more
Газовая шашлычница

Do you want to cook a skewer with shish kebab or sausage with onions, paprika and tomato? VULKAN-HEIDEBRENNER offers you a ready made gas shish kebab barbecue — "Spit".

Not just shish kebab


Using "Spit" gas shish kebab barbecue with skewers you can cook meat with prunes or lamb with garlic, or chicken with fruit or snails or shrimp or juicy eel, or a colored vegetable skewer, or caramelized fruit skewer and wide variety of other things.

Important argument

Chromium-nickel steel skewers have square profile, which makes it possible to rotate them 90° without tilting.


By installing the gas shish kebab barbecue on a mobile rack with a gas cylinder you will be independent from centralized gas line.


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