Wok cookers (oriental cuisine)

 Catalogue of Classic Wok Cookers
Газовая ВОК-плита

Many kitchens are quite confined or have narrow doors. In such a case, «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» gas wok cooker with an underburner tank is the ideal and inexpensive solution.

The dishes must always be fresh and delicious for your guests to enjoy. «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» gas wok cookers show the highest performance of gas burners with concentrated fire. All dishes are cooked very quickly on intensive fire. You can «taste» you success: Excellent taste, vitamins, nutrients and product color are conserved.

 Catalogue of Big Wok Cookers

Газовая ВОК-плита

The large «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» gas wok cookers with a solid tabletop are very practical and economical. The casing is made of monolithic rust-proof chromium-nickel steel with a reinforced profile. Sufficient distances between the burners make the work easier. Handy movable pallets under the burner collect the fat spatters and combustion products, which are extremely easy to clean due to the smooth surface of chromium-nickel steel. Different replaceable grids and rings extend applicability of the cookers.

Вок плита-табурет Арт.№ 8186Using «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» gas wok cookers you will be able to cook a lot of tasty European dishes



Seamless underburner tanks. Convenient lower shelf for dishes or products. 

Gas wok stool-stoves are equipped with a cast iron or high-quality steel underburner tank. Wok-nozzles are included in the package of the gas wok stool-stoves.




There are 3 versions of the burner:

- burners with multiple small flames Бородавочная горелка 8,7 kW ;
                   - Burner with inclined slits Горелка с косыми прорезями 9,3 kW ;
                - custom: 5.8 kW low power burner with radial slitsГорелка с радиальными прорезями

                                                                                        - smooth flame adjustment (20 to 100%). 



Cookers with single-row arrangement of the burners have grips on one side, and the ones with two-row arrangement — on both sides (if required we can put them on one side). Desktop placement is customizable. 

Reliability and Security

All gas cookers with thermoelectric protection against gas leakage and automatic gas igniter (5.8 kW versions have a piezo igniter instead of the simple igniter). Installation designed for centralized gas line or gas cylinder. 


Wide range of utensils makes «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» gas cookers universal.



Floor cookers with up to 4 cooker burners can be mounted on a mobile device. 4 wheels, 2 of which have brakes, allow you to make the plate mobile. And by equipping the cooker with a gas hose to connect it to an11 kggas cylinder with a power regulator, you will become completely independent.