Gas Equipment
Газовое оборудование Вулкан Gas equipment is the best solution for a professional kitchen. Advantages of gas equipment consist in high-performance, ease of operation and complete electric power autonomy. At the same time, operation with the use of a relatively inexpensive energy source makes gas equipment the most economical. Using only good quality German component parts «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» guarantees safety and reliability of its devices.
Electric equipment
Электрическое оборудование 

Electric equipment is especially popular and in demand in catering industry. Advantages of electric devices include simplicity and safety of operation and variety of upgrades. Hygiene and usefulness of such equipment is another significant factor — during the process of cooking the dishes are not being sooted. All of the «Vulkan-Heidebrenner» devices are assembled from quality German component parts.  

Exclusive equipment
Эксклюзивное оборудование 

The key to any restaurant's success is the original design as well as an interesting menu and high profile chefs. And the chef's skills supported by professional kitchen equipment can do miracles. Does equipment of your kitchen require a non-standard approach? Using your sketches our designers will develop exclusive equipment with an individual set of options to help you optimize working processes in your kitchen.

Big frying pans and woks
Большие сковороды Вулкан 

A flawlessly cooked meal is half of the way to success, and it is equally important to serve it correctly. The giant cast iron frying pans "Heidebrenner" and "Kohler" will be excellent for this purpose. In them your specialty will look particularly spectacular and delicious. Moreover, frying pans divided into two, three and more sections, are indispensable when you serve several dishes simultaneously. 

Gas Burners
Газовые горелки 

Performance of gas equipment depends largely on capacity and configuration of its burners. Together with the German company «Heidebrenner» we develop and implement various types of gas burners that meet all safety, environmental and reliability requirements. Along with production of gas-fired devices with standard configuration we can develop an individual burner with the right set of parameters for you.  



All "little things" are important to the chef's comfort and efficiency. Therefore, special attention should be paid to acquisition of quality cooking utensils. We offer a wide range of accessories and consumables for kitchen equipment: trays, grids, deep fryer baskets, lava stone and much more. You can also purchase various functional items for professional kitchen equipment.